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From addi <>
Subject Re: [FT] 2005-09-06 Summary
Date Sat, 10 Sep 2005 21:45:07 GMT
On Saturday September 10 2005 5:07 am, Ferdinand Soethe wrote:
> >> But I should warn you, so you're not shocked if you meet me, I'm
> >> actually a she. :)
> I think we are getting a little distracted from the real issues here:
> DO you brew good beer of don't you? And will you bring some to SD?

Yes, back to the point, I do brew good beer, assuming that you like good, 
hearty ales of the IPA, bitter, stout variety and/or european wheat ales (I'm 
not a big fan of American Wheats).  As for bringing some to SD that would 
depend on whether I am going and if I have any brew ready at the time.  I 
normally just keg my beer and bypass the whole bottling mess, but an 
exception could be made to share with friends since I don't think a 
pressurized keg of beer is likely to go over well with the airlines. :)
> But more seriously: This might be a good opportunity to have a
> Hackathon focused on getting the structure for our Forrest manual
> started?
You know, I find this very tempting.  I would love to really be able to 
contribute more to the project and a face-to-face sit down would really get a 
manual off to a good start.  

I don't think I can afford to actually go to the conference itself (airfare, 
hotel AND the conference is a bit steep for me) but I may be able to come out 
for a few days and do a "Social and Expo Pass" if they offer it.  I will be 
spending a decent chunk of money and leave time from work starting next 
weekend to go down to Texas to help with Katrina relief effort as a volunteer 
so I will have to assess the real possibility of SD once I return in October.  
Hopefully they will get the details about the conference posted relatively 
soon so I can more accurately assess what I can do.

Diwaker:  How is public transportation in SD?  If I stay at some cheapy hotel 
not down by the water will I be able to get to the conference easily?
> --
> Ferdinand Soethe

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