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From addi <>
Subject Re: xhtml2 tonights update & questions
Date Sat, 10 Sep 2005 00:40:23 GMT
On Friday September 09 2005 4:40 pm, Ross Gardler wrote:
...snip ...
> I'd prefer Skype, I feel it is a higher bandwidth communication and is
> less open to misinterpretation.
> As an additional thought, there is a new thing called vSkype that allows
> up to 200 people to participate and you can share one persons desktop.
> We could use the shared desktop to allow someone to take real time notes
> (if we use the Lenya instance, which seems to be up and running now, we
> can switch the "note taker" around.
Just a note:  Biggest problem I see with vSkype is that it is currently only 
available for Windows.  I prefer IRC just because I am more familiar with it 
(never used Skype but am willing to try it out), although I agree about the 
misinterpretation being higher with written rather than spoken communication.   
I would mainly be listening anyway so whatever works best for others is fine 
with me.
> I'm not saying no to IRC, I'll use whatever is appropriate, it does have
> the advantage of being self logging.
> Whatever medium we need I think it is important that we follow
> Ferdinands recomendation of taking a minute after each statement to
> consider what has been said by the previous speaker (man that will be
> hard for me!)
> Ross

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