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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: xhtml2 tonights update & questions
Date Fri, 09 Sep 2005 16:40:21 GMT
Ross Gardler wrote:
> Gav.... wrote:
> >When you say soon are you thinking before the next scheduled FT ?
> >
> >If so, I believe this a good idea in more ways than one,
> >
> >1. We get on with it and get lots more done.
> >2. We end all confusion that is building up.
> No. The confusion is caused by the fact that people are unable to be 
> online at the same time and therefore not able to discuss things. Work 
> progresses, but only in the direction of identified by those online at 
> any one time.

There might be enough of us that are keen to be awake
at strange hours to partake in such an event.
See proposal below.

> We need to be clear on what we are going to achieve and how *before* 
> having a Forrest Tuesday event.

To an extent. It is very hard to be clear beforehand.

> >3. Getting everyones ideas sorted out in real time, direction gets sorted, 
> >leads back to point 2 and then point 1.
> Only if everyone is online at the same time.
> >4. We seem to be at a major evolution step, and also therefore a major 
> >hurdle/barrier, this is causing lots of noise
> >    on this list that can and probably will carry on for weeks until the 
> >next FT. Having a much earlier collaborative
> >    IRC get together will sort this out.
> No, having asynchronous discussion will sort out the issues. This is not 
> noise, it is very important dicussion that is analysing the experimental 
> work carried out on Forrest Tuesday. We have to find what is valuable 
> about that approach and what is valuable about the alternative 
> approaches that have not yet been worked on.
> I am +1 for another Forrest Tuesday, but I want a clear set of tasks and 
> objectives defined first so that there is no chance of a repeat of the 
> current problems. Clearly the discussion we had onlist, that was then 
> added to JIRA [1] was not detailed or expressive enough to ensure we are 
> all singing from the same sheet yet.

A few of us tried but not sufficient, because we were
not actually able to describe it all. I know more now
than i did before the event and so could do better.
Still it is difficult.

> The current discussion will help clarify the subtasks we need to carry out.
> [1]

I wonder if we can gather together for an hour or two
to just discuss in real time where we are going.
Define some objectives.

It could be an IRC session. For me the other day
i found it difficult to hold multi-facetted discussion.
Still worthwhile.

It could be a Skype internet telephony session.
That would also be difficult with a large number
of people. It could work if we all allow space for
other people to talk, only talk when we really need.
Perhaps a round-robin where we take it in turns
to add our pieces with the chair pulling up people
that go on too long.

This would be open to anyone to be involved.
We would need to bring a summary back to the list.

This is not something that we would do on a regular
basis, but it seems that occasional sessions might help.
I am reluctant to suggest it, because we all know
that mailing list communication is the way to enable the
whole community to be involved and not disadvantage any.

If there is no one against this idea, then we could
define what we want to achieve and find a suitable
time slot. WDYT?


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