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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: xhtml2 tonights update & questions
Date Fri, 09 Sep 2005 09:35:16 GMT
Ross Gardler wrote:
> >2) when we detect some other source format then its
> >input plugin will transform to xhtml2 (e.g. the
> >Apache document-v* formats). Even html and xhtml1
> >could be input plugins, though the TR document
> >has them happening in the core.
> The TR needs to change then. The only thing that should be in core is XHTML2
> >3) Step 3 Filtering adds more xhtml2 content to
> >the overall structure.
> >
> >Now at what stage does our process transform from
> >the internal xhtml2 to some presentation format,
> >for example HTML4. The current TR document shows
> >that Step 4 is that point.
> I interpret it like that too. Step 4 is the output plugins stage, i.e. 
> transformation to the final rendering language.
> This step is misleading in the TR because it is called "viewing" it has 
> nothing to do with viewing (that is step 3). Perhaps we should change 
> the title of this stage to "Translation".

Today while answering this email and reading that TR doc,
i had the idea to review the name of each Step to make
it very clear.

I could not decide on a name for Step 4. The closest
choice was "Windower" ... creating a window on the
whole thing* through which gain the view. The "view"
is bigger than the window.

* The "thing" is the XML stream, model, structure, whatever
we call it.

I would like to edit this TR doc, but i am not sure about
the file naming or the format.
Going to copy that to TR/2005/WD-forrest10.html
and continue with the raw HTML format with embedded style.
Should i delete the 2004 or leave it?


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