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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: [Vote] giving svn access to lenya commiters
Date Mon, 05 Sep 2005 23:01:19 GMT
Gav.... wrote:
> >From what I have read of votes, it is open to all on the 
> dev list to voice their opinion by voting. Because of this
> particular vote and the other current one, the vote is to
> do with things of a committer and PMC nature, albeit
> in the open on the dev list.
> This may confuse some and keep quiet because of it, me
> included. To vote on something that does not impact us
> directly seems odd and out of our boundaries, if you
> know what I mean.
> That said, the most positive a non-comitter dev can do in
> this particular case is
> +0
> so I just did.
> Gav... 

Not correct. The votes from everyone are exactly the same,
and regardless of the issue in question. These current votes
are not just concerning the current PMC members, rather
they concern the future of the project as a whole.

Please see the decscription at
All participants in the project are encouraged to show
their preference for a particular action by voting.
When the votes are tallied, only the votes of PMC members
are binding. Non-binding votes are still useful to enable
everyone to understand the perception of an action by the
wider community.

So if you want to vote "most positive" then you mean +1.


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