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From David Crossley <>
Subject [lefo] sending svn commit emails to both lists
Date Sun, 04 Sep 2005 11:20:25 GMT
David Crossley wrote:
> Antonio Gallardo wrote to forrest-dev:
> > 
> > Why not a new incubator project or a new list?
> > ==============================================
> > 
> > The reality is tha infra folks are very busy. The ASF is very fast growing 
> > and now they have to manage more servers and hundreds of committers.
> > Unfortunately, that means a request to infra takes long time now. We know 
> > history: months waiting.
> Not necessarily, a request to establish a new mailing
> list should be pretty easy. If that is what both PMCs
> want then one of us can ask apmail for it. But it must
> Cc both PMCs and ask for the correct thing or yes
> there will be delays.
> Actually now we seem to be getting to the main issue.
> Thanks for the SoC Antonio.
> What we actually need is not shared SVN (that is just
> a minor convenience). What we need is shared communication.
> This common mailing list idea is excellent.

Thanks to Thorsten for starting that process.
I was going to do it, but i am so glad that you
beat me to it and that other people are starting
to help with infrastructure.

> Another thing that can help is that the Subversion
> mailer can send mails for a specific part of the
> repository to a mailing list. So we could get common
> svn commit emails too.

I investigated this. With the current Subversion
we can configure a certain portion of the repository
to send to only one mailing list.

Google found that someone recently contributed a
patch to enable sending to multiple lists. So when
someone upgrades Subversion we will be able to do so.
I suppose we just wait, because it is not urgent.

So when we define a part of either Forrest or Lenya
svn that needs to go to both of our commit@ lists.


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