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Subject Re: [jira] Commented: (FOR-655) Create sample document for XHTML2 subset
Date Mon, 05 Sep 2005 05:57:40 GMT
Ross wrote :
> I guess we will create a branch to work in as part of the Forrest
> Tuesday thing. We will, most likely start off with a new seed site that
> uses XHTML2 as the source files. We then need to convert forrest:views
> to work with these input files rather than with Xdocs.
>> By conversion I mean to create a /samples/xhtml2.* page
>> (or whiteboard) containing all these new elements,using
>> an existing forrest page, probably
> I think the process you are using, working through the recomendation and
> creating parts of the document to illustrate each of the elements is
> better than starting with an existing document v2.0. This way we know we
> have everything in the example page. Although it is worth bearing in
> mind the goal is to have a file that can replace
> as an example of ow to
> do things, so the language used should be similar..

Ok good, just checking that what I have so far is useful.

> It is brilliant you are finding the time to get started on this stuff
> ahead of Forrest Tuesday. We will need you to be around all (your) night
> to advise on the relaxNG stuff ;-)

No problem, I just thought that something to work with from the start
might help, I wont be there right at the start I dont think, but around
7PM onwards (12PM GMT) for a few hours.

FYI, I am doing this to gain more knowledge and experience in things that
I do not know, and because Forrest is a great idea. I aim to use it on my
sites in the future. Apart from that I do not use it in a work environment
and have no specific requirements of it. In other words, I am here for the
fun of it :)

> Ross

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