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Subject Re: [jira] Commented: (FOR-655) Create sample document for XHTML2 subset
Date Mon, 05 Sep 2005 00:48:45 GMT
> Gav.... wrote:
>> |
>> | Nicola Ken Barozzi commented on FOR-655:
>> | ----------------------------------------
>> |
>> | This is the idea, it's ok.
>> |
>> | For every tag demoed, I would also add the tags in a
>> <pre-code-whatsitnowcalled> zone, so that one can see the underlying
>> code
>> near to the result.
>> Its now <blockcode> and I can do this no problem. The problem lies in
>> the
>> fact that as far as I can tell there is no browser capable of parsing
>> straight xhtml2 code yet. (Hence my example page looks a bit plain)
> I gather that this is a strict XHTML2 file which will
> be used as source input to Forrest.

Yep. I will complete this tonight with all the elements and example code
in NKB's original list.

>> The
>> schema needs sorting out and other things I probably havent thought
>> about.
>> Looking around I see that others are producing it in xml (
>> )and then transforming it back
>> into
>> xhtml 1, I don't think that is the desired result here.
> We want the raw XHTML2 file. I suppose *.xml is correct.
> Then we can use our SourceTypeAction to detect the namespace,
> and use the new Cocoon pipeline to be devised tomorrow.

Ok, I see now.

>> I guess this will be discussed tomorrow.
> Yes.
>> Anyway, I will carry on with the page I have so far - which is intended
>> to
>> show the end result code - and then do an xml version, unless I am
>> advised a
>> different more preferable route. Once working will do a forrest version.
> Forrest will transform the xml.
> -David

Thanks. If you use the examples I provide (in a few hours) to get it all
working I can then afterwards convert it into a proper forrest xml/html
page. Will a working example need to be placed on the main site almost
immediatly using the pelt skin with a forrest:views version later, or just
do a views version or ... ?

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