> To answer you specific question. Anything defined in a plugin sitemap
> (internal or otherwides) has the same access limitations that you will
> find in any Cocoon sitemap. That means:

Which means views are bound to the sitemap in which they are defined and leaves us two options, redeclare all pertinent pipelines in the internal.xmap

OR add these two pieces to root Forrest sitemap.xmap:

<map:serializer name="links" src="org.apache.cocoon.serialization.LinkSerializer">

<map:view name="links" from-position="last">
<map:serialize type="links"/>

So the LinkStatusGenerator will be able to access the requisite information. I am NOT a fan of  either approach :( as neither is a neat implementation.

> What properties do you want?
> As a hint you can access most of the properties with {project:foo} where
> foo is defined within forrest.xconf

You mean within the "forrest.properties" file and NOT the "forrest.xconf" file, right?

That is what I am currently using. I declared a

#project.siteBaseURI= http://www.discountdracula.com

and use it as you described in my internal.xmap.

> Looks like you are stuck with a standard internal plugin for th
> eforseeable future.

Tough luck...

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