Hi Ross,

> Agghhhh!!! There's that term "views" again.
> We have a real problem here in Forrest at the moment. Views are being
> used to refer to two different things (views in Eclipse and views, the
> replacement for skins). Now we seem to have a third use, I assume this
> is sitemap views (funnily enough I said this may become a conflict in
> another mail earlier today, never thought it would already have happened
> in my inbox).

So with an internal plugin (internal.xmap) will the views (cocoon map:views) be propagated downard to the main Forrest sitemap? I am new to "plugins" so if my question contains misconceptions, please let me know. Or are views still orthogonal(bound) to specific sitemaps as in Cocoon?

> I'm going to delay responding to this because one of the things that
> happened at the Hackathon is that Ferdinand looked at an alternative
> method of identifying which pages were regenerated in a run. Perhaps we
> should wait to see if he thinks it can be applied here.

Any news on this front?

> Internal plugins are for this kind of thing. However, as they stand they
> don't make the code much more maintainable.

I think I have the most basic functionality (not tested)  implemented in an internal plugin. What is the simplest means of pulling values from a plugin's forrest.properties and accessing them in the internal.xmap? Is there an InputModule which reads .properties files?

> A possible solution is to use Cocoons new block sitemap loading
> features. This was demonstrated to me at the Hackathon (thanks Daniel),
> it provides a way for plugins to extend existing sitemaps (and other
> plugins). I need to do some experimentation with this so you should
> proceed with an internal plugin for now, we'll address the
> maintainability when experiments are complete.

Ok thanks.

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