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From Tim Williams <>
Subject *using* metadata in forrest
Date Sun, 28 Aug 2005 16:18:17 GMT
I've been exploring the XPathDirectory Generator lately to actually
*use* the document metadata for driving a site.  Our doctype supports
metadata but we don't (so far as I can tell) actively use the
metadata.  I'm exploring this in terms of a webblog use-case.  I'm not
so interested in using forrest as a blog publisher as I am in the more
generic metadata driven site problem.  I'm doing it via a plugin
locally.  So I'll describe it here and if anyone is interested in this
type of problem, then I'll put what I'm doing in the whiteboard?

Each blog entry (in our doctype 2 format) has one or more "meta"
entries that look like this:
<meta name="category">Sports</meta>
<meta name="category">News</meta>

Site.xml has an entry for each of the "categories".  e.g:
<news label="News" href="blog/News/index.html" description="Thoughts
on the current events"/>

Right now, the directory name in the sitemap (e.g. "News") is
"special" because it relates to a category rather than a physical

The Xpathgenerator in the input.xmap then uses this 'special'
directory to look for any "articles" or "entries" that have a
corresponding meta entry regardless of their physical location.  The
key is that each article might be dynamically listed on any number of
pages by simply adding/removing a meta entry in the content itself.

That's all right now, it's rough and not incredibly useful at the
moment but it should give an idea of where I'm going with it.  Since
it's not a "traditional" plugin, more of an example of how to use the
xpathgenerator in forrest, I wasn't sure if it was appropriate for the
whiteboard or not.

Other use-cases I've thought of are:
o) Product catalogs where each product might belong to more than one category.
o) Product documentation where each document may apply to more than
one version of the product.
o) News site where each article might fall under more than one category.

Others might be already doing this stuff but I recently discovered the
power of xpathdirectory generator and it's caused me to explore it a

I'm interested in hearing if anyone's already doing this sort of thing
and whether it's generally interesting or just peculiar to me.

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