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From Tim Williams <>
Subject Re: Repository browser: Daisy or Lenya ?
Date Tue, 09 Aug 2005 02:26:08 GMT
On 8/8/05, Anil Ramnanan <> wrote:
> Tim Williams wrote
> >I just went back to the Anil's original proposal and it calls out
> >Lenya specifically (see below).  I went back and looked because I
> >don't understand what exactly this does.  I thought the general
> >approach for "integrating" backend repositories was the use of
> >locationmap, thus not so much integrated as "linked to".  Is this
> >"Repository Browser"  a way to "browse" the repository then create a
> >location match based on what is found?  I've been a way for a couple
> >weeks now and am slowly catching up so I apologize if I missed
> >something.  Can someone give me more details of exactly this is to do?
> >Thanks,
> >--tim
> >
> >
> The "Repository Browser" as I saw it would be a view in the Eclipse
> plugin that would allow the user to browse the documents in a particular
> repository. The user would then select the document that they are
> interested in and drag it to the locationmap where it will create the
> appropriate entries for it. The browser should be bale to support the
> browsing of multiple repositories.

I suppose it's the selecting *the* "document that they are interested
in and drag it to the locationmap" that's the question.  Maybe an
easier question would be is this tied to a real-world use-case? 
Please explain that.  I just dont' currently get the benefit over just
a locationmap editor.  I guess I view folks using respositories for
all (e.g. **.xml) or at least a subset (*/sports/**.xml) of their
content rather than just cherry-picking (e.g.
/sports/august/08/story1.xml) one or two documents from different

> Here is a rough outline of how it should work.
>         Repository View
>                      |
>        Repository Interface
>                      |
>          -------------------
>          |            |               |
>     Lenya      Daisy      Slide
> The Repository View is the actual View in Eclipse which shows the
> documents available in that repository. This is where the user can
> select the document to be included in the locationmap.

There's *the* document again.  When I'm interested in integrating a
backend to Forrest I'm looking at, for example, all xml.  Maybe all
xml (**.xml) getting matched from Slide/Xindice/Berkeley DB XML for
example.  For this, if you're giving me a locationmap editor already,
how does the Repository View help?

> The Repository Interface provides the view with the list of the the
> documents available. The interface will be built so that it you can plug
> in a number of different repositories. This way the Repository View
> would be independent of the repository being used.

That's good stuff. 
> Daisy was suggested because there is a working Daisy plugin that allows
> you to retrieve documents from a Daisy repository.

That's cool, I don't doubt you'll implement it in a repository generic
way, my questions are purely out of ignorance, I just don't
immediately get what the benefit is -- I'm not doubting whether it
exists, just trying to understand it.  My reference to the proposal
was more nit-picking since the question came up than anything else.

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