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From Tim Williams <>
Subject Re: Repository browser: Daisy or Lenya ?
Date Mon, 08 Aug 2005 18:13:50 GMT
On 8/8/05, Ross Gardler <> wrote:
> Anil Ramnanan wrote:
> > Since I have to develop a repository browser I believe that my choices
> > are Daisy or Lenya. Which of these do you think I should be using ? As
> > Ross said, the Daisy plugin is fairly complete so I am currently leaning
> > in that direction.
> Daisy.
> As you say the plugin is complete whereas we are still awaiting the
> Lenya folk to install a publication for us to play with on their Zone.
> I can provide access to a daisy instance for you to experiment with, or
> you can install it yourself. The later is recommended as it will mean
> you do not need to be online to work. However, this is not the place to
> discuss the installation of Daisy. I'm subscribed to the Daisy dev list,
> so I'll support you there.
> All discussion about Forrest related integration should, of course,
> happen here.
> When building this part of the Eclipse tool it is very important to bear
> in mind that we need to make it generic so that we can quickly "plug in"
> a Lenya repository, or any other such repository. With any luck, by the
> time you have finished the Daisy part we will be ready to go with a
> Lenya repo as well.

I just went back to the Anil's original proposal and it calls out
Lenya specifically (see below).  I went back and looked because I
don't understand what exactly this does.  I thought the general
approach for "integrating" backend repositories was the use of
locationmap, thus not so much integrated as "linked to".  Is this
"Repository Browser"  a way to "browse" the repository then create a
location match based on what is found?  I've been a way for a couple
weeks now and am slowly catching up so I apologize if I missed
something.  Can someone give me more details of exactly this is to do?

"Repository Browser
This will allow you to browse a remote repository and include the
documents into a Forrest site. This browser will focus only on Apache
Lenya at this point since this is the Content Management System most
likely to become part of a proposed Apache wide documentation system.
However, the framework will be flexible so that it can support other
browsers e.g. for Webdav, svn, Apache Slide etc"

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