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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Different views for the same source file
Date Wed, 31 Aug 2005 11:20:50 GMT
Here's a tough one. I'm not sure how best to solve it since 'm still 
digging around in the sitemaps for views (I think I'm starting to 
understand the implementation as well as the theory now ;-)

I have a number of resumes, one for each member of staff. The staff love 
the fact that they can each have a unique layout for their CV, whilst 
still keeping the company branding on their pages - very impressive and 
certainly an excellent use case for views

[OT] This plugin will make a great place to show the power of views. 
Unfortunately, none of my work is documented in the plugin yet, 
hopefully I'll find the time, but not until I finish this project.

Anyway, to the problem.

We need to be able to present different views on each source file. For 
example, the blogs.xml resume needs to be presented with a number of 
different views. Each view will have different content, for example, the 
"complete" view will have all project history with full details of all 
projects no matter how long ago they took place. The "recent" view will 
show the full details of the most recent job and a summary of each of 
the earlier projects.

I'm not at all sure how to do this. I guess the view name will be 
provided in the URL:

Any hints on how I then pass that to the view resolver in the 
internal.view plugin?


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