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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Refactor sitemaps for XHTML2 and the LM (Re: Forrest Tuesday)
Date Mon, 29 Aug 2005 12:02:51 GMT
Ferdinand Soethe wrote:
> Ross Gardler wrote:
>>The *implementation* of the move to XHTML2 would be eased considerably
>>by refactoring our sitemaps to use the locationmap.
> Why is that? In my limited understanding lm allows to specify the
> location of a resource in more sophisticated ways, where is the
> connection?

Right now the sitemaps are a complex web of possible locations for many 
resources, with extensive tests for the existence of a file. These are 
duplicated across many sitemaps. The LM will remove all of that by 
having a central file describing the location of resources.

That is, there will be only one place to edit as we replace chunks of 
the sitemap functionality.

>>Tim reports that the
>>project locationmap mount doesn't work properly yet, but unless he tells
>>us otherwise I think we can safely move forward with this refactoring.
> Not sure this kind of lazy consensus is the right approach here. I
> understand is that Tim has pointed out a problem with the lm
> implementation. Should it not be up to us now to demo that this
> problem has been solved (us of course including Tim :-) rather than
> expecting Tim to object?

No, you misunderstand the issue Tim has identified.

As Locationmaps currently stand there is only one locationmap file. Tim 
is working on allowing that file to import a project locationmap as 
well. The project locationmap will be able to override the default 
locationmap, thus users can customise Forrests directory layout without 
having to redefine the whole thing.

Tim is having a problem with this *extension* to the locationmap not 
with the locationmap itself, which works perfectly.

>>I am +1 on the move to XHTML2 being a primary goal for Forrest Tuesday,
>>but with the provision that w work in a top down approach. That is, we
>>start by creating the stylesheets, templates etc. We should *not* work
>>on the core sitemaps, instead we should focus on a single path through
>>the sitemap and build it as an internal plugin. I'd suggest the path
>>should be DocumentV1.3 as the input format.
> ... so that using this plugin Forrest will translate any documentv1.3
> to xhtml2 and from there create html4 and pdf?

Yes (this is how we will provide backward compatability)

What I didn't say above is that this will be an internal plugin because 
it is overriding existing matchers in the sitemaps. These would be moved 
into core as the first part of the refactoring of the sitemaps to use 
locationmap. Of course, the conversion of XDoc to XHTML2 would be an 
input plugin.

> Can we also include direct support for the subset of xhtml2 that we
> are gonna use?

Sorry, I don't understand the question. Perhaps my poor description 
above has mislead you.


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