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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: *using* metadata in forrest
Date Sun, 28 Aug 2005 18:39:55 GMT
Tim Williams wrote:
> That's all right now, it's rough and not incredibly useful at the
> moment but it should give an idea of where I'm going with it.  Since
> it's not a "traditional" plugin, more of an example of how to use the
> xpathgenerator in forrest, I wasn't sure if it was appropriate for the
> whiteboard or not.

How about documenting it in a How To? Even dumping the code into a How 
To and adding a little padding text would be a great start and since the 
plugin doesn't do anything itself as yet it will prevent users getting 
confused by it.

> Other use-cases I've thought of are:
> o) Product catalogs where each product might belong to more than one category.

I have a need for this *now* I am very interested in your proposal.

> o) Product documentation where each document may apply to more than
> one version of the product.
> o) News site where each article might fall under more than one category.

The Resume plugin is another use case for this (as you seem to have 
spotted with your recent question on the user list).

> I'm interested in hearing if anyone's already doing this sort of thing
> and whether it's generally interesting or just peculiar to me.

I'm not aware of this being brought up before. The approach I was going 
to use (in the Resume plugin) was different. I was going to write a new 
directory generator that would only return documents with a given 
schema, that works for the Resume us case, but your approach is more 
flexible and could be enhanced with this generator, so I say go for it.


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