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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: Forrest Tuesday (Was: Bug Days (Was Re: better use of Jira for Forrest))
Date Sun, 28 Aug 2005 18:08:35 GMT
Diwaker Gupta wrote:
> On Saturday 27 August 2005 10:33 pm, David Crossley wrote:
>>I would like to deal with "Internal structure is XHTML2"
>>and the associated issues.
> +1

The *implementation* of the move to XHTML2 would be eased considerably 
by refactoring our sitemaps to use the locationmap. Tim reports that the 
project locationmap mount doesn't work properly yet, but unless he tells 
us otherwise I think we can safely move forward with this refactoring.

I am +1 on the move to XHTML2 being a primary goal for Forrest Tuesday, 
but with the provision that w work in a top down approach. That is, we 
start by creating the stylesheets, templates etc. We should *not* work 
on the core sitemaps, instead we should focus on a single path through 
the sitemap and build it as an internal plugin. I'd suggest the path 
should be DocumentV1.3 as the input format.

This focus on a single use case will prevent us from doing work on the 
core sitemaps which are to be extensively refactored soon (perhaps even 
as part of the Forrest Tuesday - depends how far we get)

We should all use the space Nicola gave us to read the XHTML2 
recommendation in advance of the day (I'm still trying to find enough 
free time to put all the generous space Nicola left for us).

>>Do others have better suggestions?
>>Perhaps just dealing with the Jira backlog would keep
>>us amused, i.e. the Issue Tracker is this month's topic.
> I would make XHTML2 the "primary" topic. And if people get bored, they can 
> spend time cleaning up JIRA. I think cleaning up JIRA should an ever present 
> background task during ForrestTuesdays :-) Just as you suggested below


In the second and subsequent Forrest Tuesdays I would like to see a 
schedule of issues to be fixed. However, for this first one lets let it 
happen as it happens and learn from the experience.

I, for one, will spend some time in the issue tracker.


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