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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Publicity for Forrest
Date Thu, 25 Aug 2005 23:09:47 GMT
This thread started on the PMC list because we have a sepcific request 
for short article on Forrest and its involvement with GSoC in a major 
Magazine (for the benefit of the PMC, the artcile length has been 
reduced from that originally proposed). However, the general theme of 
the discussion is relevant to the community as a whole so we are moving 
the general discussion here.

Forrest, to date, has resisted getting publicity because we feel that 
the community is not really strong enough to support an influx of users. 
At this stage we feel that it is important to expand the developer base 
rather than gain high profile pubicity for the project. This needs to 
happen in an organic and managed way.

However, we can't hope to attract developers if nobody knows that the 
project exists and whether it can help or not. So maybe *some* press is 
a good idea.

I therefore proposed that we write some articles with a slightly 
"unusual" focus. We would like feedback from the wider community on the 
idea of this article, the usefullness of such articles and any further 
comments regarding publicity in general.

The proposed article(s) would provide an overview of Forrest, the Apache 
development process, how GSoC has interacted with that process, and how 
Anil feels about the mentoring process as an entry mechanism to Open 
Source and the wider Forrest community.

We hope that the article will paint an image of Forrest is a gentle 
entry to ASF projects and specifically to the the full power of the 
*huge* project that is Cocoon. Whilst at the same time providing 
encouragement for technical folk who have an XML publishing need, the 
kinds of users that might progress to becoing developers.

It is important to realise that this kind of article is *not* what has 
been requested by the magazine mentioned earlier. They want a "normal" 
400-500 word description of the GSoC project, its aims and what it 
delieverd. I think that this article can be written without it attrating 
large numbers of users needing support since the whole purpose of the 
GSoC project is to provide support for users who need a GUI to be able 
to do work and we will say in the article that the GSoC project provides 
the initial seed code for this, but is a long way from a fully usable GUI.

So, community comments on the benefits of this article are also welcome. 
If the community feels this publicity could be "too much too soon" then 
we won't write it. There are too few of us developers to go around as it 
is, I don't want to see one or two of us getting snowed under by an 
influx of new users.


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