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From David Podunavac>
Subject Re: joinin LENYA and FORREST
Date Mon, 22 Aug 2005 16:23:40 GMT
sorry for late responding to your questions! was busy

> [Note I am confused about this publication-sitemap.xmap file. Does
> publication in its title mean the publication of documents, or is it
> the publication that make up a Lenya site? I suspect it is the later
> very confusing!]
I agree it is a lil confusing but let me try to explain you how I
understand the publication-sitemap.xmap

as we have for each pub(lication) in lenya a separate
publication-sitemap.xmap this seems to be a publication specific file:
-IT IS the publication that make up a Lenya site!

> ---------------+-------------
> site.xml   |   ????  <-- sitetree.xml

if i assume that site.xml is a kind of configfile that puts all the
navigational elements to the site i suggest sitetree.xml would be the
file you are lookin for. In this sitetree all navigational links are
stored which will be displayed (if wanted) the way you tell the stylesheet.
sitetree.xml is for the root navigation, from here there will be
generated other 'items' like e.g tabs or breadcrumb etc.

> tabs.xml  |   ????  <--
> lenya_home/build/lenya/webapp/lenya/xslt/navigation/tabs.xsl

 this stylesheet only referencese the elements from the sitetree.xml and
defines how these (here in this case the tabs) should be outputted.
Like any other xsl in this directory
 - admin-menu.xsl 
 -  sitetree2nav.xsl
 - breadcrumb.xsl 
 - search.xsl 
 - tabs.xsl

> *.xml        |   ????  <-- is this a content file ?
if i guess *.xml is any content file in forrest, lenya would use this
any content is named index_<LOCALE>.xml
so if a document is named e.g. "whatever" it should be found under
whatever/index_<locale>.xmlin the specific area
while we have different areas authoring stage live
i hope that helps

by the way i noticed another thread Thorsten started on the lenya dev
list maybe we should moved there?
let me know if i can help u somehow or if u want me to do something in
order to work them together

> If lenya can expose the relevant equivalent files via a URL then we
> simply map the forrest rquired files to the relevant Lenya URL. Then
> we create a forrest:view that will produce the output that Lenya needs
> and we are done.

this is a part of the doctypes.xmap which is building the requested file
via the URL
i don't know if this is what u asked for

<code snippet from doctypes.xmap @
<!-- parametrized doctype matcher -->
      <!-- pattern="{rendertype}/{area}/{doctype}/{document-path}" -->
      <map:match pattern="*/*/*/**.xml">
        <map:generate src="content/{2}/{4}.xml"/>
        <map:transform src="xslt/{3}2xhtml.xsl">
          <map:parameter name="rendertype" value="{1}"/>
          <map:parameter name="nodeid"
          <map:parameter name="language"
        <map:serialize type="xml"/>

> Since all data is request directly from Lenya there is no complexities
> with user management and the like as Lenya still has control over all
> this stuff. However, I've not yet thought about how Forrest will pass
> authentication information back and forth. I'd have to explore the
> authentication used in Lenya first.
> All the existing publication (as in creating the output) pipelines in
> lenyas sitemaps are removed. All publication is handled by Forrest.
> I created a very simple demo of this some time back as a result of a
> discussion with Gregor see
> Ross


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