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From Addi <>
Subject Re: whitespace cleanup
Date Mon, 22 Aug 2005 14:08:01 GMT
David Crossley wrote:

>... snip ...
>This is actually not correct. The editor needs to not touch whitespace at
>all (unless to format new files). Existing whitespace needs to be left as-is
>otherwise there will be complex diffs when the devloper contributes a patch.
>We need to gradually cleanup the whitespace inconsistencies in our
>SVN first, then people can do auto-formatting properly.
I am willing to help with the cleanup.  I don't know what the best way 
to organize and execute is though.  Could I just post to the list that I 
am cleaning "xyz" dir today and please don't do any commits.  Then, when 
I am finished cleaning and upload the patch, JIRA will email the list 
and everyone will know that dir is done and can resume commits?  
Obviously sections under heavy development right now are not the best 
canidates but if you all can make clear which dirs I should just leave 
alone right now, I can easily skip over.  Then again, even for the heavy 
dev dirs, if I can knock out sections of them in an hour or two's time, 
it will disrupt dev work very little I think.  It just requires good 

Anyway, not sure if that is what you all are thinking in terms of 
cleaning process, but let me know what I can do to help.

- Addi

>There was a huge discussion at Cocoon:
> Re: whitespace cleanup and efficiency drive
>The dos2unix stuff is discussed:
> (svn:eol-style)

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