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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: Respository brwoser for eclipse plugin Re: Daisy Repository
Date Sat, 13 Aug 2005 00:44:03 GMT
Anil Ramnanan wrote:
> Ross Gardler wrote:
>>You tell me. It is certainly easier to use the HTTP in the Forrest
>>plugin environment. However, you are working in a Java environment so
>>it may be better to use the Java API. Perhaps if you outline your
>>design ideas it will help us decide.
> That as my thinking as well when I decided to use the Java API.
> Here is the basic idea:
> A Repository View that has a form that show a list of documents
> available in the repository. This is the interface where the user
> selects the documents that they want to include in the locatiomap. You
> should be bale to drag and drop from here to the locatiomap view.

A form? Why not a tree, seems more natural to me and you already have an 
abstract class to handle tree views.

> This Repository View will get it's information from a Document List
> class. This class provides a listing of documents available from the
> repository. This is not linked to a any particular repository but gets
> its document list from classes that would query repositories specified
> by the user such as the Daisy repository.

Tis sounds more like an interface. I'm not sure you can create *one* 
class that would be able to retrieve documents form multiple 
repositories. It would probably make more sense to define an interface 
and then have specific repository plugins provide implmentations for 
that interface.

Doing it this way you don't have one central class to be maintained by 
all the different repository instances. Instead each repository 
maintains its own implementation. If we are really lucky some of them 
(like lenya) will maintain this class in their own code base (where it 
should be really).

> The Document List class can be
> configured by a Preferences page which would allow you to select which
> repository you are using and the settings for that particular repository
> (username, password etc).

This preferences would then be provided by the repository plugins.

> Then there are the repository specific classes for Daisy which would
> query the daisy repository and return the list of documents to the
> Documents List class. Here we use Daisy's Java API to query the repository.

And these also would be a part of the DaisyPlugin.

I think you are right, the Java API is probably best.

So does all this mean that we have something like:

package org.apache.forrest.view

  * A tree navigator that displays the contents of a repository
public class RepositoryNavigator


package org.apache.forrest.repository

  * An interface describing the methods required to interface with
  * and interact with an external repository.
public class IRepositoryConnection

  * A content provider that presents the content of a repository
  * to a graphical widget for display.
public class RepositoryContentProvider implements

  * A label provider that provides labels for the content of a
  * repository for display in a treeView.
public class RepositoryLabelProvider  extends LabelProvider implements


package org.daisy.forrest.repository;

  * An implementation of a connection to a Daisy Repository
public class RepositoryConnection implements


The RepositoryConnection can do all the communicating with the 
repository as you suggest. It would provide instances of the content and 
label providers for the view.


Does this fit with what you were planning?


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