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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Respository brwoser for eclipse plugin Re: Daisy Repository
Date Fri, 12 Aug 2005 19:00:06 GMT
Anil Ramnanan wrote:
> I am trying to implement a class in the plugin to read the Daisy
> Repository using the API at
> This requires that a number of jars be included. Would I be able to
> include the Daisy jars in the plugin ?

First I will answer your question because it is useful information 
generally (and can be applied to other binary files you may wish to 
include in an Open Source project.

You need to check the licenses for any jars you want to include. Any BSD 
style license is compatible. If you are in doubt then ask about the 
specific license. What I can tell you is that Daisy itself is Apache 
licensed so no problem with the daisy-* jars.

For all jars you must include the license for each jar with the correct 
naming convention. See lib in the forrest distribution for lots of 
examples of this. Note this means duplicating the license file for each 
of the individual jars. You also need to check the license terms to see 
if you need to add any acknowledgments elsewhere (such as in a NOTICE file).


However, I would like to discuss the design you have in mind for this as 
this is a complex task and we need to make sure it is done right (or as 
close to right as we can get it within a reasonable amount of discussion).

In particular, I'm confused as to why you say you need so many jars. I 
have a Java Daisy client that only uses the following from your list:

> DAISY_HOME/lib/daisy/jars/daisy-repository-api-1.3.jar
> DAISY_HOME/lib/daisy/jars/daisy-repository-client-impl-1.3.jar
> DAISY_HOME/lib/daisy/jars/daisy-repository-spi-1.3.jar

And, if you examine the daisy plugin you'll find that it communicates 
effectively with the repository without the need for any JARs as it uses 
the REST API to the repository.

This question and the list of jars you have identified makes me think 
there are some problems with either your approach or my approach. I 
would like to know which it is.

Can you please outline you design.


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