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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: joinin LENYA and FORREST
Date Thu, 11 Aug 2005 21:23:18 GMT
David Podunavac wrote:
> I am David, some of you might remember me from the ApacheCon this year,
> anyway I heard the need of joinin LENYA and FORREST and the discussion
> monday late night.

Good to "see" you again.

<snipped what="some background info on Lenya processing"/>

>  here are some tries or ideas on how lenya and forrest could/should work
> together
>  this MARRIAGE(joining lenya and forrest) what i call it now could be
> done on the publication-sitemap.xmap level

There are two aspects to integration of Forrest and Lenya. The first is 
the publication aspect, but the Lenya folk also want to leverage the 
input side of Forrest. However, since publication is the easier part (at 
least to me as a Forrest dev) lets focus on that first.

>  when we look at the sitemaps of lenya and forrest we will see that they
> look alike
>  take a look at the publication-sitemap.xmap
> @lenya-1.2.x/build/lenya/webapp/lenya/pubs/default/
>  of a clean lenya lines 120ff.

<snip what="lenya sitemap snippet"/>

[Note I am confused about this publication-sitemap.xmap file. Does 
publication in its title mean the publication of documents, or is it the 
publication that make up a Lenya site? I suspect it is the later very 

>     and compare this to forrest sitemap.xmap @forrest/main/sitemap

<snip what="forrest sitemap snippet"/>

>       our plan is to integrate forrest into lenya (hope that is okay
> with you forrest guys :) )
>       to do so marcin mentioned that:
>       lenya should do the matching on the first level than
>       forrest should receive the content like (menus, tabs, body) from lenya
>       and transform this content into forrest conform content (so this
> content could be used in forrest)
>       after this step lenya lets forrest do the all the styling

For Forrest a request of http://localhost:8888/index.html is processed 
as follows:

src -> [input plugin] -> core -> skin -> [output plugin]

Forrest core would make additional requests for different parts of the 
page (such as navigation and tabs). So this one reqest would actually 
create a number of the above processes to be executed.

You sugest (below) that we create a new sitemap to enable Forrest to 
publish content, I'm not sure this is the right approach. Both Lenya and 
Forrest are moving targets and keeping these sitemaps synchronised will 
require maintenance by someone with a foot in both camps. What we really 
need is a way of integrating things in a much more maintainable way.

In the new Locationmap functionality in Forrest 0.8-dev (see ) we can map a 
request for a particular file to a defined location. So for example.

site.xml       |   ????
tabs.xml       |   ????
*.xml          |   ????

If lenya can expose the relevant equivalent files via a URL then we 
simply map the forrest rquired files to the relevant Lenya URL. Then we 
create a forrest:view that will produce the output that Lenya needs and 
we are done.

Since all data is request directly from Lenya there is no complexities 
with user management and the like as Lenya still has control over all 
this stuff. However, I've not yet thought about how Forrest will pass 
authentication information back and forth. I'd have to explore the 
authentication used in Lenya first.

All the existing publication (as in creating the output) pipelines in 
lenyas sitemaps are removed. All publication is handled by Forrest.

I created a very simple demo of this some time back as a result of a 
discussion with Gregor see


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