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From Johannes Schaefer <>
Subject Re: Interactive Forrest command (was Re: [Vote] deprecated seed (was Re: svn commit: r231130))
Date Wed, 10 Aug 2005 16:40:32 GMT

Ross Gardler schrieb:
> Johannes Schaefer wrote:
>> Johannes Schaefer schrieb:
>>> Ross Gardler schrieb:
>>> <snip/>
>>>> Alternative
>>>> -----------
>>>> We change the "seed" target to be an interactive target that provides a
>>>> menu of all available seed sites. 
>>> Not sure about this. It adds some overhead on getting started.
>>> A simple text message explaining these options may suffice,
>>> the user can then choose to create some "seed-special".
>> Now that I've read Ross' answer to Gav's questions about
>> contributing ... what about making a simple 'forrest'
>> become more interactive? Right now it builds forrest (huh?)
>> and displays the "run forrest -project-help" message.
> Actually, the default behaviour for "forrest" is to run "forrest site".

OK, I did it in an *empty* directory without doing
'forrest seed' first. On a first glance it looked
like a forrest build to me. This might be highly
confusing for beginners. So, another argument to
put the "interactive guide" into 'forrest'.

>> Somebody typing just 'forrest' does not know how it is
>> used. She would maybe expect some help or even better:
>> an interactive guide to getting started with forrest.
> Yes that is a better place for the interactive target I described. So
> options would be things like:
> site - build a forrest site in the current directory
> run - run forrest in dynamic mode in the current directory
> seed - create a simple starter site in the current directory
> seed-sample - create a sample site...
> seed-business - create a simple site template for a business
> available-plugins - list all the plugins available for Forrest

If the guide was intelligent, options would be like:

"This directory does not contain a forrest project.
 You can:
 0. Get more help on options             (forrest project-help)
 1. Seed an example project with content (forrest seed or seed-sample)
 2. Seed a project skeleton              (forrest seed-basic)
 3. Seed a business example              (forrest seed-business)
 4. ...
Your choice: _"

"This directory contains a forrest project.
 You can:
 0. Get more help on options             (forrest project-help)
 1. Start forrest in live mode           (forrest run)
 2. Create a static site                 (forrest site)
 3. Create a webapp to deplay in tomcat  (forrest webapp)
 4. ...
Your coice: _"

But then, this looks like a wizard ;-)


> etc.
> Doing this will hekp users learn/remember the targets available and does
> not prevent them from running any of the targets directly, i.e. "forrest
> seed", "forrest run", "forrest site"
> Ross

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