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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: Reducing Forrest build time
Date Wed, 10 Aug 2005 10:46:56 GMT
Gav.... wrote:
> ----- Original Message ----- 
> From: "Juan Jose Pablos" <>
> | you need to give time to people to work on issues....
> | we do not have dedicated people. We have voluters :-)
> I realise this and nearly never posted because of it. This place
> has such a friendly atmosphere and it is a case of if you want to
> do something and can do it, then go ahead. Apart from the PMC
> as such there are no 'roles' to play, no 'jobs' allocated and people
> do what they feel they can (or will soon be able to) do.

See my other post. We have individual reasons for being here, very few 
of us do this for fun alone (although it *is* fun). The problem is if 
you take away the fun by insisting that someone does a job they don't 
have the itch for then you will push your volunteers away.

In this case I really don't see a problem. Cheche has stepped forward to 
handle this integration effort. We have someone with the role you wish 
to assign, the only difference is that they volunteered.

Upgrading Cocoon is a major issue. It is bound to cause problems that 
need to be ironed out. Cheche stepped forward (by volunteering) to do 
this before the 0.7 release, however there were too many issues. Since 
then he has been working with the Cocoon folk to solve those problems.

Note this last sentence - he *has* been working with the Cocoon folk.

Many of us, as I mentioned elsewhere in the thread, are subscribed to 
the Cocoon list. We do know what is going on over there, we do know 
where they are heading and we do work closely with them.

You must understand that what is happening here is the HEAD of cocoon is 
being merged with the HEAD of Forrest. This is a major thing. We have 
two untested systems being integrated, this is *expected* to cause 
problems. No amount of eyes on mailing lists and code basis will prevent 
there being problems in integration testing. It would be wonderful if 
everything worked the first time, but this is the real world and we have 
to test things before they work.

 > I wonder though if some volunteers would benefit more from a
 > little bit of structure and given a role to do (time permitting).

Jobs cannot be assigned, they are self appointed. If you look at the 
discussions people get involved with and the things that they do you 
will see we already have our self assigned roles. Sometimes we even give 
informal titles to indicate those roles (not always complimentary, right 
Thorsten :-)). In this case the role of Cocoon integration has been 
taken by Cheche, and I applaud him for tackling a large and complex job.


Having said that, what we *do* need to do is use the issue tracker more 
effectively to keep track of the little jobs that need doing and 
therefore facilitate people identifying itches they want to scratch.


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