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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: [Vote] deprecated seed (was Re: svn commit: r231130)
Date Wed, 10 Aug 2005 10:25:46 GMT
Thorsten Scherler wrote:
> On Tue, 2005-08-09 at 22:55 +0000, wrote:
>>Author: thorsten
>>Date: Tue Aug  9 15:54:59 2005
>>New Revision: 231130
>>Added new seed targets seed-basic and seed-sample. 
>>That closes FOR-253. We should call a official vote that 'seed' is deprecated. 
> There are some more mails around that topic in the archive. 
> Here my +1 to deprecated the "seed" target and use "seed-sample"
> instead.


Thanks to Thorsten for creating these files, it's a great idea.

I am not keen on deprecating the seed target though. I would prefer that 
seed created a true seed site since that is what our users are 
accustomed to and it is how we currently document "forrest seed" (i.e. 
less work in deprecating the target):

# Step 1: Do 'forrest seed' to populate the directory with template site 
structure and contents.
# Step 2: Add content by editing docs in task-specific, 
presentation-neutral XML.

Over the years it has grown to be a sample site. I would rather that 
"forrest seed" did what it says in the docs and that we had other 
targets for samples, business basic etc.

In other words, we change the behaviour of "forrest seed" to create the 
seed-simple site that Thorsten has committed and we document "forrest 
seed-sample" as a new command.



We change the "seed" target to be an interactive target that provides a 
menu of all available seed sites. This way the user can do "forrest 
seed" and be presented with:

1 - seed-simple (basic site with minimal content, ideal for starting 
your own site)
2 - seed-business (basic business template site, ideal for starting a 
business site)
3 - seed-sample (a demonstration site that describes key functionality 
within Forrest)

[Note] You can run any of these targets directly from the command line 
with "forrest seed-TARGETNAME"


I also agree with David that we need to stick to a single naming 
convention. Looking at "forrest -projecthelp" I see that it is my stuff 
that has broken the "standard". I have fixed that.


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