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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: Repository browser: Daisy or Lenya ?
Date Mon, 08 Aug 2005 12:33:00 GMT
Anil Ramnanan wrote:
> Since I have to develop a repository browser I believe that my choices
> are Daisy or Lenya. Which of these do you think I should be using ? As
> Ross said, the Daisy plugin is fairly complete so I am currently leaning
> in that direction.


As you say the plugin is complete whereas we are still awaiting the 
Lenya folk to install a publication for us to play with on their Zone.

I can provide access to a daisy instance for you to experiment with, or 
you can install it yourself. The later is recommended as it will mean 
you do not need to be online to work. However, this is not the place to 
discuss the installation of Daisy. I'm subscribed to the Daisy dev list, 
so I'll support you there.

All discussion about Forrest related integration should, of course, 
happen here.

When building this part of the Eclipse tool it is very important to bear 
in mind that we need to make it generic so that we can quickly "plug in" 
a Lenya repository, or any other such repository. With any luck, by the 
time you have finished the Daisy part we will be ready to go with a 
Lenya repo as well.


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