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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: Add support for Googles sitemap protocol?
Date Wed, 03 Aug 2005 19:15:33 GMT
Rasik Pandey wrote:
> Hi Ross,
>  > Agghhhh!!! There's that term "views" again.
>  >
>  > We have a real problem here in Forrest at the moment. Views are being
>  > used to refer to two different things (views in Eclipse and views, the
>  > replacement for skins). Now we seem to have a third use, I assume this
>  > is sitemap views (funnily enough I said this may become a conflict in
>  > another mail earlier today, never thought it would already have happened
>  > in my inbox).
> So with an internal plugin (internal.xmap) will the views (cocoon 
> map:views) be propagated downard to the main Forrest sitemap? I am new 
> to "plugins" so if my question contains misconceptions, please let me 
> know. Or are views still orthogonal(bound) to specific sitemaps as in 
> Cocoon?

Hehe, you see the confusion we are causing using views to refer to so 
many different things (are you listening Thorsten?)

To answer you specific question. Anything defined in a plugin sitemap 
(internal or otherwides) has the same access limitations that you will 
find in any Cocoon sitemap. That means:

if you use cocon:/ it will only search within the root sitemap (i.e. 
Forrests sitemap.xmap)

if you use cocoon:// it will search in all subsitemaps starting from the 
root sitemap

>  > I'm going to delay responding to this because one of the things that
>  > happened at the Hackathon is that Ferdinand looked at an alternative
>  > method of identifying which pages were regenerated in a run. Perhaps we
>  > should wait to see if he thinks it can be applied here.
> Any news on this front?

Ferdinand is away for a week. We won't hear anything until he returns 
sometime next week.

>  > Internal plugins are for this kind of thing. However, as they stand they
>  > don't make the code much more maintainable.
> I think I have the most basic functionality (not tested)  implemented in 
> an internal plugin. What is the simplest means of pulling values from a 
> plugin's and accessing them in the internal.xmap? Is 
> there an InputModule which reads .properties files?

What properties do you want?

As a hint you can access most of the properties with {project:foo} where 
foo is defined within forrest.xconf

>  > A possible solution is to use Cocoons new block sitemap loading
>  > features. This was demonstrated to me at the Hackathon (thanks Daniel),
>  > it provides a way for plugins to extend existing sitemaps (and other
>  > plugins). I need to do some experimentation with this so you should
>  > proceed with an internal plugin for now, we'll address the
>  > maintainability when experiments are complete.
> Ok thanks.

Unfortunately there is a problem with the CLI in Cocoon Head, 
consequently we cannot update Cocoon in Forrest just yet, therefore I 
can't do the above experimentation yet. Cheche is woring with the Cocoon 
folk to get the CLI sorted out.

Looks like you are stuck with a standard internal plugin for th 
eforseeable future.


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