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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: Summer of Code Status
Date Wed, 03 Aug 2005 11:54:27 GMT
Anil Ramnanan wrote:
> Since it is the middle of the project and I have a little less than one 
> more month to go for Summer of Code, here is a status report on what has 
> been done so far.

He he, I wrote one for you the other day. I'm just waiting for the 
planet to turn a few more times to make sure all PMC members are happy 
with it. I'll send it to you privately on Thursday, if you would prefer 
I sent it to the list please let me know (it's good ;-).

Thanks for the status update, very useful, i've included some 
observations inline.

I am particularly impressed that I have not had to ask for it, most 
mentors are having to beat this kind of thing out of their GSoC 
contributors. Another "gold star" for Anil ;-)

Whilst this report is not the kind of thing that happens here at Forrest 
it is something that we should try and do (via Jira) more frequently. 
Normally dates would not be attached to things in an Open Source 
project, your case is unusual because of the confines of the GSoC 
program. However, the lack of dates on deliverables does not stop us 
from providing regular status updates for our users who are waiting for 
new features.

We need to use Jira more (that's a separate thread).

> 07/09/05 - Site Editor
> 07/15/05 - Tabs Editor
> You have the ability to add/remove elements in both site.xml and 
> tabs.xml files. There is also drag and drop support in the site.xml 
> editor. I am still working on linking it to the properties editor but 
> that should be done soon. I am getting some help on that from the 
> Eclipse folks.

Once the properties editor works I consider this complete.

> 07/21/05 - Wizard to Add View
> Currently the wizard allows you to activate forrest:views when seeding a 
> file by setting the skin to leather-dev and specifying the requred 
> plugins in the file. There is also a new document 
> wizard that creates a new *.fv file.

I consider this complete as it currently stands (the structure of the 
file is a moving target so it makes little sense to write an editor 
right now. However, we can use your other editors as a base for this. 
That will significantly lower the learning curve for whatever dev does 
this when the time is right.

> 07/27/05 - Locationmap Editor  Allows you to add matches and locations 
> in a tree view. This should be converted to a form view. There is also 
> the same provlem with linking to the Properties view in Eclipse but that 
> should be solved when I solved the problem with the Site and Tabs editor

I would suggest that within the scope of the GSoC the current editor 
view is sufficient (i.e. don't change to forms yet). I would like to see 
the labels in the tree view being more meaningful than they are at 
present (use the pattern for matches and the src attribute of the 
location string).

> 07/30/05 - Editor     This editor may no longer be 
> needed. There is to be a discussion on refining the configuration of 
> Forrest which may eliminate the need for a editor. A 
> more appropriate feature would be a configuration editor.

Yes, it appears the properties file will be changing soon. This is no 
longer required for you to complete the GSoc program. I'd suggest using 
the time gained to polish some of the other code you have produced and 
to fix any bugs that are identified during the next month.

One thing that is needed is better install instructions. Probably as 
part of the existing documentation page. One thing I have noticed when 
people try and install Burrokeet is that they fail to install the 
depenencies for WTP, this needs to be highlighted.

> 08/02/05 - Option to build WAR file    There is now an option that will 
> allow you to build a war file for the selected project.


> 08/08/05 - Wizard to Create New Site  The wizard to creates a new site 
> allows you to do the following:
> - Specify the name of the projecy
> - Configure properties of the project specified in a siteconfig.xml file
> - Select the option to activate forrest:views for that particular project
> - Select the plugins that are to be used for that project


> 08/11/05 - Wizard to Add Plugin             This is still to be done. Is 
> this the same as the Add Plugin feature in the New Site Wizard or is 
> there more funtionality that needs to be included ?

I'd like to see the wizard page download the list of available plugins 
rather than have them hard coded in the java class. This way we will not 
need to update the plugin when we release a new plugin.

We also need to have a distinction between released plugins (those 
listed in the plugins.xml file) and unreleased plugins (those listed in 

It would also be good to have the plugin lists sepaated into input, 
output and internal plugins.

Finally, if you get the time. We need to add a license approval option 
to the plugin installation process. That is if a plugin is not ASF 
compatible we need to get the user to approve the relevant license. See

> 08/14/05 -  Support or Multiple Web Apps
> This is still to be done

We have agreed that his probably can't be implemented as part of the 
GSoC program, at least not within Eclipse since we are yet to design how 
this is to be accomplshed. Instead you will lead a discussion on the 
design of this new system and summarise that discussion accordingly.

> 08/26/05 -  Repository Browser  This is still to be done

We need to decide which repository to use for this. The Daisy plugin is 
fairly complete now so it would make sense to use that. However, if the 
Lenya folk find the time to create an instance of Lenya for us we may 
consider using that instead.

This is quite a difficult one to achieve, I'd suggest getting an earlier 
start on it given that the previous task has been shortened.

It would also be good to see a n SVN browser, but time may not allow 
this to happen.

> 08/29/05 - Wizard to Include from Remote repository
> This is still to be done. This could be drag and drop from the 
> repository to the locationmap ?

Yes, so this is really pretty simple once the repo. browser is done.


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