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From Anil Ramnanan <>
Subject Summer of Code Status
Date Wed, 03 Aug 2005 11:17:37 GMT
Since it is the middle of the project and I have a little less than one 
more month to go for Summer of Code, here is a status report on what has 
been done so far.

07/09/05 - Site Editor
07/15/05 - Tabs Editor
You have the ability to add/remove elements in both site.xml and 
tabs.xml files. There is also drag and drop support in the site.xml 
editor. I am still working on linking it to the properties editor but 
that should be done soon. I am getting some help on that from the 
Eclipse folks.

07/21/05 - Wizard to Add View
Currently the wizard allows you to activate forrest:views when seeding a 
file by setting the skin to leather-dev and specifying the requred 
plugins in the file. There is also a new document 
wizard that creates a new *.fv file.

07/27/05 - Locationmap Editor  
Allows you to add matches and locations in a tree view. This should be 
converted to a form view. There is also the same provlem with linking to 
the Properties view in Eclipse but that should be solved when I solved 
the problem with the Site and Tabs editor

07/30/05 - Editor     
This editor may no longer be needed. There is to be a discussion on 
refining the configuration of Forrest which may eliminate the need for a editor. A more appropriate feature would be a 
configuration editor.

08/02/05 - Option to build WAR file    
There is now an option that will allow you to build a war file for the 
selected project.

08/08/05 - Wizard to Create New Site  
The wizard to creates a new site allows you to do the following:
- Specify the name of the projecy
- Configure properties of the project specified in a siteconfig.xml file
- Select the option to activate forrest:views for that particular project
- Select the plugins that are to be used for that project

08/11/05 - Wizard to Add Plugin             
This is still to be done. Is this the same as the Add Plugin feature in 
the New Site Wizard or is there more funtionality that needs to be 
included ?

08/14/05 -  Support or Multiple Web Apps
This is still to be done

08/26/05 -  Repository Browser  
This is still to be done

08/29/05 - Wizard to Include from Remote repository
This is still to be done. This could be drag and drop from the 
repository to the locationmap ?

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