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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Plugins can now provide xconf file
Date Wed, 03 Aug 2005 10:05:33 GMT
In order for us to use the Cocoon Portal Engine as a layout engine (or 
just to experiment with it at this stage) we will have to integrate 
portal block into Forrest. This will be a breeze when real blocks arrive 
in Cocoon, but in the meantime we will have to use an internal plugin.

Problem is the Cocoon Portal Block provides an xconf file.

I've just committed some new plugin code that allows a plugin to provide 
additional configuration information to cocoon.xconf. Simply place your 
*.xconf file in PLUGIN_HOME/conf/*.xconf.

Note that changes to this configuration file will not take effect until 
Forrest has been restarted.

My next task is to create a Portal internal plugin as a forrest:views 
implementation, but I figured this part might be useful for other devs 
so committed early.


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