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From Anil Ramnanan <>
Subject Forrest Config
Date Tue, 02 Aug 2005 16:05:26 GMT
Here is some documentation of the config session. I have included the 
first part of the discussion which concerns the configuration. I did not 
document the part of the discussion about the processing yet.

Suggestions for new Forrest Configuration

Forrest Instance
This is a single instance of forrest. A single instance can have 
multiple project associated with it. A single Forrest instance can have 
multiple Forrest Projects.
  - Instance configuration File
      - Webapp Configuration
      - Pointer to File with sub sites

Forrest Projects
A single Forrest Project contains the configurations specific to that 
It should contain:
- Project Name
- site/
    - LocationMap
    - Site.xml
    - Tabs.xml
- Can point to a sub site which is another Forrest Project
- Forrest Project Configuration (forrest.xml)
    - Points to Plugins
    - Points to Skins/Views/Themes for particular project
    - Points to locationmap
      (Basically the bits that are project specific from
      and skinconf.xml)

Use Case

Here is a use case for the new configuration using Apache sites.

            Single Forrest Instance
    |                        |                    |                |
    (    (Jakarta)    (XML)        (Forrest)
    Forrest        Forrest        Forrest        Forrest
    Project        Project        Project        Project
    |                    |                |
    (Sub site)    (Sub site)    (Sub site)
    Forrest        Forrest        Forrest
    Project        Project        Project

How the current configuration changes
Here is how the current configuration files can be changed.
Forrest Properties can be split up with general configurations places in 
the Forrest Instance and configurations specific to the project places 
in each project's Project Configuration file e.g. Skins and plugins to 
be used.

Skinconf.xml configurations has skin configurations that can be done 
with views. Configurations that are not on views can go into the Project 

Status can be treated as a content file instead of a configuration. The 
file can be located anywhere and placed in the locationmap. The Project 
Info Plugin can also be extended to pull status from status.xml or other 
status files.

Project Sitemap should become a Block to be loaded dynamically by 
cocoon. Using a block means that the system does not need to be restarted.

Classes will be in the block

This is relevant to the generation of static sites. Not sure how to 
handle this.

There can be a Resources location for the default layout for a fresh 
site. The locationmap can be used to customise the resources after.

Here is where you store the locationmap of the content, the site.xml and 
- LocationMap
- Site.xml
- Tabs.xml

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