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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: [Views] Progress with pelt look'n feel
Date Tue, 02 Aug 2005 10:06:57 GMT
Cyriaque Dupoirieux wrote:

> I think that these changes are not important but they may impact sites 
> with deep customization.
> WDYT ?
> (That is can I propose you a patch of the pelt skin in order to 
> facilitate the views generation ?)

Since views will eventually deprecate skins completely there is little
sense in changing the skins in order to facilitate views development.

We have already had confusion over leather-dev still being in the skins
directory but not being under development anymore.

Can views be made to use "skins" from a different location (say themes)?
Then we can move leather-dev and your modified pelt skin to this new
location and work on them without fear of confusing them with a skin.
This will allow us to remove bits of the skins that are not in use and
to make changes like those you describe without fear of affecting users

If this is not possible then I propose you create a new theme from the
existing pelt skin in order to make the changes you need (perhaps call
it pelt-theme and put a big fat README explaining it is not to be used
as a skin)

> The more I work with pelt skin for views and the more I am impressed by 
> the CSS ZenGarden site.
> I feel that if we generalize some generation rules, it will be easy to 
> use exactly the same template for pelt and leather-dev - or any other 
> skins.

Thorsten will be pleased to hear that. As I understand it that was his
intention when designing forrest:views.

>    * (For the previous point, maybe the use of class would be better,
>      because with id attribute we cannot display several times the same
>      parts :
>          o for instance you want two search boxes,
>          o or you want navigation arrows to navigate between the pages
>            of your site - and you want a recall of these arrows at the
>            bottom of your site...)

This is now possible with forrest:views, use:

<forrest:hook name="aDiv"> -> <div id="aDiv">


<forrest:hook class="aClass"> - <div class="aClass">

>    * Always embed content parts with <span> in order to be able to skip
>      it :
>          o
> #specificDiv tag span {display:none;}
>          o This is - for instance - used in the following site :
>            where the header3 (h3) are replaced by pictures...

Does forrest:views do this?

> Since we are going to work on the generation core of forrest, this may 
> be the good moment to homogenize our generation rules.
> WDYT 2 ?

Yes, fire away :-)


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