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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: Quick evaluation of Cocoon Portal Engine as forrest:views implementation
Date Mon, 01 Aug 2005 12:53:28 GMT
Ross Gardler wrote:
> Johannes Schaefer wrote:
>> Once again, Ross was faster to post and I responded
>> to the first thread rather than reading on.
>> This subject line is mcuh better than the other one
>> (I would not see a competition but reduction of workload
>> and re-use of code on both sides!).
>> Ross' evaluation confirms what I've found out. It should
>> be easy to integrate Forrest content but the skinning is
>> weak.
> Thanks Johannes, it is good to hear that the docs give the same 
> impression as actually playing with the code.

I'm moving Johannes mail from another thread here so that we can discuss 
it in more detail in this thread. Here is Johannes mail, unedited:

Johannes Schaefer wrote:
 > I ran a Cocoon-Portal instance on my computer and an
 > independent Forrest one. Then I changed the config files
 > until I got "http://localhost:forrest/body-index.html"
 > into a coplet window. Finally I had some success.
 > This was the weekend right after the ApacheCon. Had no
 > time to fiddle around more, I'm back to work (BTW: a
 > Cocoon project). Sorry for the delay, I wanted to learn
 > more before posting ...
 > I noted some things, though.
 > * As Ross said, the layout seems to be completely table-based
 >   and Forrest already has left this behind. I did not try to
 >   change the styling, though.
 > * For Forrest content to go into the portal I had to strip the
 >   <html> and <body> tags. The portal integrates content as-is
 >   into the final page an did not like multiple <html>s inside
 >   too much (although it didn't blew up).
 > * I created a new sub-sitemap only for forrest, which is pretty
 >   easy in the portal framework (once you know where and what to
 >   change; it resides below the coplet folder, like 'docs').
 > * Forrest does not output xhtml as all the abc2xhtml.xsl
 >   stylesheets are saying. body-*.html is not even valid XML
 >   (no single root tag), let alone html.
 > * The portal uses a configuration hierarchy:
 >   1. define coplets
 >   2. define instances
 >      (may use coplets multiple times)
 >   3. define the layout
 > * Changes in these files (at least no. 2) sometimes required a
 >   restart of Cocoon/Portal to take effect which is rather
 >   annoying (maybe it's time to install tomcat ;-)
 > * Thorsten uses some simple xdoc-files for some of the content
 >   and I'm quite sure it would be no big deal to pass them
 >   through Forrest before output.
 > I'm lacking behind on Forrest:views (still), so I cannot
 > compare the two.
 > I'm willing to have a closer look, best with support by Carsten
 > who seems to read the thread (e.g. the frequent restarts) -- as
 > time allows.
 > Cheers
 > Johannes

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