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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: Automated formatting of XML files
Date Tue, 30 Aug 2005 02:19:13 GMT
addi wrote:
> Diwaker Gupta wrote:
> >
> > The reason I don't want to use any IDE for this cleanup task, and
> > instead a tool like Tidy, is that things can be automated much more
> > easily. We can schedule clean-ups periodically, add targets to the
> > build process to do it automatically -- there's a lot of flexibility
> > in how we go about it.

But we cannot do such cleanup automatically.
I do agree that we can have tools to assist us,
even stand-alone build targets.

> > Using an XSL transform for cleanup is attractive because we don't need
> > any external utility; Forrest is all about XML processing anyywas :-)
> >
> > So I'm +1 on either Tidy or XSL (personally, I prefer Tidy since in my
> > experience its much smarter and faster). -0 on jEdit plugins and such.
> I would say that I am +1 on XSL, +0 on Tidy and -0 on any IDE/editor.  I am 
> doing more research to see if I can come up with a solution that leaves the 
> blank lines in.  Turns out that Tidy has a config option vertical-spacing, 
> but that puts a blank line after every element closing tag so it ends up 
> looking pretty weird and adding lots of lines we wouldn't want.  You can try 
> it out by adding "vertical-spacing=yes" to your config.txt file.  I am mainly 
> not so keen on tidy at the moment because I am having trouble with it not 
> wanting to process due to errors that need to be resolved and it is giving me 
> a headache to figure out what the hell it wants from me, whereas the XSL just 
> works and stays "native" to Forrest, as it were.
> I wish there was a way in the xsl to preserve-space a blank line.  Any xml 
> experts out there have any ideas?  I don't know diddly about xsl.

Expert, no. I wonder if Saxon has better indenting.
Google found discussion about whitespace and blank lines

By the way, there is a tool called CodeWrestler started
by a fellow ASF committer. It is a framework for adding
code management modules. For example there is one module
whose sole job is to strip trailing whitespace from
a set of files. I like this approach.


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