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From addi <>
Subject Re: *using* metadata in forrest
Date Sun, 28 Aug 2005 16:39:26 GMT
On Sunday August 28 2005 12:18 pm, Tim Williams wrote:
> I've been exploring the XPathDirectory Generator lately to actually
> *use* the document metadata for driving a site.  Our doctype supports
> metadata but we don't (so far as I can tell) actively use the
> metadata.  I'm exploring this in terms of a webblog use-case.  I'm not
> so interested in using forrest as a blog publisher as I am in the more
> generic metadata driven site problem.  I'm doing it via a plugin
> locally.  So I'll describe it here and if anyone is interested in this
> type of problem, then I'll put what I'm doing in the whiteboard?
... snip the good stuff ...

> Other use-cases I've thought of are:
> o) Product catalogs where each product might belong to more than one
> category. o) Product documentation where each document may apply to more
> than one version of the product.
> o) News site where each article might fall under more than one category.
> Others might be already doing this stuff but I recently discovered the
> power of xpathdirectory generator and it's caused me to explore it a
> little.
> I'm interested in hearing if anyone's already doing this sort of thing
> and whether it's generally interesting or just peculiar to me.
> --tim
I don't know if anyone is doing anything with this but I do find the feature 
very interesting and useful.  I could definitely use it for my use case at 
work where we are putting all documentation in one central location broken 
down by category and I can see several things already that could/should be in 
several categories.

I'm kinda slow and not very well versed but I'd be willing to help where I 
could as this is something I would definitely use.

- Addi

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