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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: [Proposal] Development process and a stable trunk
Date Sat, 27 Aug 2005 04:52:04 GMT
Thorsten Scherler wrote:
> Ferdinand Soethe wrote:
> > 5 As a supportive measure, clearly mark threads in this list when they
> >   deal with a particular branch 
> +1
> > so that people not working on that
> >   issue can safely ignore it.
> -1
> All PMC members should feel responsible for *all* issues of forrest.

We should do whatever we can manage and try to
not ignore anything. 

> My
> background is certainly views where I am the position of *not* ignoring
> this threads but sometimes it seems to me that the rest is doing it.

Well i certainly am not. I try to read everything
and only respond if i think that i need to.
Even started my next project to use views, so
expect more development soon.

I trust you to get on and do the best you can
and i will try to help when i can manage it.
Please don't take silence to mean that nobody cares.
That is not true.

Most of my time is being taken up with general issues
for the Forrest project, so i don't often have the
time to help. I wish that other people would help more
with that stuff, applying the patches, guiding the
new developers.

> That cannot keep on in the future. Let me give you an example why not.
> Imaging I have a car accident and dead (very drastic example I have to
> admit but it is possible). Now all forrest devs are kindly ignoring the
> [views] thread, what is happening then?

We could say the same about things like the
catalog entity resolver. I wonder who else besides
me understands it or enhances it.

> Luckily there are some other devs that have started using views but
> developing them? The answer is that Diwaker and Cyriaque are the only
> ones beside me that contributed to the code base. Still I am the only
> one that is developing the views core.

That happens sometimes.

There other things that i want to solve with views
before diving in. Like the unfinished thread about
"Defining Views Terminology".

And i think that moving the core to XHTML2 is more
important at this stage, so i will put my "spare"
energy there. Don't see that as ignoring "views"
as i expect that will help.

> IMO views will be one of the major reasons for user to use forrest. We
> need more devs that are helping to develop the core and not 
> "people not working on that issue can safely ignore it."

Yes, and that goes for all parts of development.
So i agree that nothing can be "safely ignored".

It sounds like Ferdinand's off-hand comment hit
a raw nerve that we know is there. I had a similar one
at Cocoon with the entity resolver and with the docs.
Please don't get dejected. At least we have two new
committers starting to help on views. 


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