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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: FOR-592 - pelt and i18n clarifications
Date Sat, 27 Aug 2005 01:11:34 GMT
Moving this from another thread:

br_gavmc wrote:
> Just to sort of answer one part of this at the moment :-
> > I have an uncomfortable gut feeling with the current status of our
> > pre-release version and I'd like your feedback on these concerns and
> > my suggestions to change our process.
> >
> > My concerns with the current situation:
> >
> > - in the last few month a number of exciting major projects
> >   (location maps, views, i18n, change of cocoon ...)and a number of
> >   smaller ones have been developed (which is good!)
> >
> > - most of them have not been finished to the point of being releasable
> >   and (so it seems to me) will not be for considerable time so it
> >   seems like we won't be able to release quickly without a major clean-up
> >   effort (which I consider bad).
> Along with CSS , I am also working on some parts of i18n, mainly to get it
> working to ensure a site with it enabled is still valid.

I would rather that you got on with the CSS.
That seemed to be your particular itch when you joined.

We were using that i18n fix as an excercise
for you to understand the core processing.
I reckon that we should take the easy route
with the suggestion to add a special transformer 
at the end to strip out <text> tags.

I can try that if you would rather get on with
the CSS.

> Apart from that
> AFAIK it works, only that it is not implemented for the whole site, only
> parts of it.

Hmmm, i think that i18n works everywhere. Perhaps you
are talking about the idea to have it permanently
switched on for all processing.

> David has hinted that this will be some time away before the
> rest of it gets implemented, but the base of it will be there and working
> and should not get in the way of a release.
> (I just need the <i18n:text>penny to drop</text> and I'll have a patch
> shortly!)



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