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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: resume plugin with dtdx plugin
Date Fri, 26 Aug 2005 08:24:56 GMT
Moving this over from the user list. More below ...

David Crossley wrote:
> Kevin wrote:
> > 
> > I like the resume plugin and it's collation of skillsets from
> > a team. Is there a simple way of presenting one resume without
> > using the team directory structure?
> > 
> > Resume xml validate in forrest build process fine using catalogs
> > to find the dtd. I used the dtdx plugin to try and expand the
> > resume dtd so I could see the structure. It failed so I ended up
> > copying the resume dtd to forrest core because of:
> > 
> >   <map:generate type="nekodtd"
> > src="{forrest:context}/resources/schema/dtd/{2}.dtd">
> The dtdx plugin was started by extracting our
> existing facility out of the core. It was only
> intended to display our own document-v* DTDs.
> It could be made more generic so that it can apply to
> any source.
> > Could the dtdx plugin use catalogs as in the validation process?
> Yes it certainly can. Any plugin can provide its own
> catalog and sets of resources. Only a couple of plugins
> have been configured so far.
> Also a project can provide its own catalog.
> Back to the dtdx plugin. That sounds like a great idea
> to use the catalog entity resolver to find the source.
> This is a topic for the dev list, so continued there.

It seems that the "nekodtd" generator
does attempt to use the entity resolver. However i don't think
that it is. The log files seem to show that the other pieces
of the DTDs are found using the entity resolver (e.g. document-v20.mod)
but not the first file (e.g. document-v20.dtd).

Perhaps that generator needs some work.


> > It was a hack copying the resume dtd. I could add another src
> > line to the dtdx plugin input.xmap but hardcoding alternate
> > paths for non core dtds may not be the best way. Any ideas?
> Add to input.xmap to look in the project's resources directory
> and also look in the various plugin resources directories.
> There are examples in the other sitemaps main/webapp/*
> of looking for resources in various places. Patch please.
> That would be another workaround though. The generator
> should be able to use the catalog entity resolver.
> -David

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