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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: Automated formatting of XML files
Date Fri, 26 Aug 2005 06:57:00 GMT
Diwaker Gupta wrote:
> When I say XML, I mean all kinds of XML files (XSL, *.fv, *.ft)

How will the tool know which are xml file-types?
We have a multitude of xml filename extensions.
There is a list on one of the tools in the
"committers" svn repository at relicense/src/

> As with Java, I have committed a "tidied" version of the html2document.xsl 
> sample document in the test-whitespace directory. As with Jalopy, Tidy 
> ( is extremely configurable, so if you don't like 
> something or have a suggestion, just let me know.

I think that it is doing too much, e.g. removing the
blank lines before major elements, e.g. <xsl:template>
We should start with very simple stuff, e.g. just tabs 
and trailing whitespace, then gradually add other operations. 
However we don't want to get too strict on code style.

I suggest that we define a list of what we would possibly
want to adrress. Here is a start:

1 whitespace at end-of-line
2 tabs to four-space
3 indentation
4 word-wrap for long lines
5 whitespace between attribute definitions

We need to at least do 1 and 2 while 5 may be doubtful.

It seems to be too vigorous with wrapping. Perhaps wider
would be better.
<   <xsl:key name="h5s" match="h5" use="generate-id(preceding-sibling::h4[1])"/>
>   <xsl:key name="h5s" match="h5"
>   use="generate-id(preceding-sibling::h4[1])" />

Also we need to run it on one of the xdocs
in site-author/content/xdocs to see what it does
with word-wrapping for long lines of element content.


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