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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: [jira] Commented: (FOR-605) CSS enhancements needed for MOTD area inside Table of Contents
Date Fri, 26 Aug 2005 01:59:14 GMT
Gav.... wrote:
> | The project would be very pleased if you would refine all the CSS and get 
> | some consistency. Just do whatever you see fit, do it in stages. Don't think 
> | that we actually "designed" the layout for large screens. In fact we want 
> | ideal rendering for all clients.
> Ok, will do. Is anyone else working on CSS I need to know about to liaise 
> with or not?

If there are then they can speak up if need be.
Best that you just get on with it. As i said, do it
in small stages. In that way everyone's SVN stays
up-to-date and your changes are merged with theirs.
If it is left too long, then that is more difficult.

> Also , in regard to the differing screenshot that I get from your version, 
> do you still see it as before or
> as I now see it (see new screenshot of same page)

As before.

Hmmm, i thought that your issue report was saying
that you had done some tweaks and now it looks
better for you.

There is something strange happening then.
Perhaps browser related. ... testing: yes,
that was using Mac FireFox, different on Safari.
I will try some other tests later today.

> , just wondering if 
> something has been done somewhere or possibly you are set up
> for 800x600 resolution whereas I am on 1024x768.?

Nope, this report was on an even bigger resolution
screen than yours.

> I take it for now I just need to be looking at pelt basic.css and 
> screen.css.

Start there, but there are other things involved, e.g.
some CSS is generated by forrest, so you may need to
look into the xslt and sitemaps. Concentrate on 'pelt'
and 'common'.

You would learn a lot about forrest mechanisms by
following the processing.

Personally i would not worry too much about this
MOTD layout bug. It would be better to concentrate
on the overall CSS cleanup for both the existing
"skins" functionality (but only pelt) and the new
"views" functionality.


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