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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: whitespace cleanup
Date Tue, 23 Aug 2005 04:26:05 GMT
Addi wrote:
> I am willing to help with the cleanup.  I don't know what the best way 
> to organize and execute is though.  Could I just post to the list that I 
> am cleaning "xyz" dir today and please don't do any commits.

It is more than just no commits. Also needs no "developers"
to be doing any local changes, i.e. doing local development
on that set of docs, either for their own purposes or in
preparation for a patch. Otherwise when they do 'svn update'
there would be stacks of conflicts for them because there
were whitespace changes on the lines that they are working on.

> Then, when 
> I am finished cleaning and upload the patch, JIRA will email the list 
> and everyone will know that dir is done and can resume commits?  

After the patch is applied. In general, the committers will
add a Comment to an Issue to signify that event.

That could be a very good use for Jira, as long as we keep
the conversation type Comments out of it. Use an email thread
for that.

> Obviously sections under heavy development right now are not the best 
> canidates but if you all can make clear which dirs I should just leave 
> alone right now, I can easily skip over.  Then again, even for the heavy 
> dev dirs, if I can knock out sections of them in an hour or two's time, 
> it will disrupt dev work very little I think.  It just requires good 
> communication.
> Anyway, not sure if that is what you all are thinking in terms of 
> cleaning process, but let me know what I can do to help.

Yes, that is what i reckon too. You are already helping.

We need to properly define what our whitespace treatment is
for each class of file-type: *.java and *.x* and *.txt etc.
I started that in docs_0_80/howto/howto-dev.xml and linked
to Cocoon's decision. We could adopt the same.

We could add a list of all directories to a file in the
"etc" directory. You can still see remnants of previous
half-finished jobs there. That list could provide notice
of which sections have been done and which are next.

I suggest that we do a test of one quiet directory,
to ensure that our various text editors do the job

I will first do a sweep of our whole space to find any
Windows line-endings problems.


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