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From David Crossley <>
Subject whitespace issues
Date Thu, 18 Aug 2005 18:33:10 GMT
Addi wrote:
> >David Crossley commented on FOR-603:
> >------------------------------------
> >
> >Youch, i pressed the worng button and deleted it. Could you please 
> >re-attach. Whitespace inconsistencies cause havoc. Could we discuss that 
> >on the dev list please.
> Geez, OK I finally figured out my whitespace issue.  I had changed my 
> editor to match the document (2 soft space tabs and 80 char hard wrap) 
> but it was also set to remove trailing whitespaces on save and most of 
> that file had trailing whitespaces so the whole thing got screwy.  I 
> changed that setting and redid the diff and it looks much better now.  
> Sorry I have been submitting such crazy patches, but I think I have it 
> worked out now.  I will put the new diff up now.

The state of our svn is partly to blame. We need a big
whitespace cleanup. There is a mixture of tabs and spaces
and there is trailing whitespace. We should clean it up
a section at a time, when people are not working on
that section.


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