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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: Forrest Tuesday
Date Thu, 18 Aug 2005 15:55:44 GMT
Ross Gardler wrote:
> The wiki worked well for Cocoon. The big advantage is that it is not a 
> synchronous medium so it doesn't matter that we will not all be online 
> at the same time.
> However, I'd rather see Thorsten get a Lenya instance up and we start 
> using that, both Thorsten and I are keen to push forward on the Doco 
> thing and this could be the first exposure of many devs to Lenya.

Yes please.

> >In our earlier discussions, we agreed that we don't
> >want to have the channel as a permanent means of
> >communication. So i looked into how to restrict it.
> >Just start a new channel at the beginning of the
> >day with name like for-09 and it will close when
> >the last one of us leaves at the end of the 24 hours.
> >Simple.
> I assume this para refers to IRC.


> An alternative is Skype. Much higher bandwidth communications. VSkype 
> allows up to 200 participants and enables the sharing of a desktop image.
> However, can we record the audio for this? Is it as useful after the 
> event because it won't be logged? Would we be in danger of making it 
> more aceptable as a communications medium since it can't be disabled 
> like an IRC channel?

I reckon start with IRC. Get into the habit, then
look at how other tools could assist.

> >So the first "Forrest Tuesday" would be 6 September.
> >
> >>Lets remind ourselves that we are not talking about being available for 
> >>the whole 24 hours, or even every bug day. We are simply trying to 
> >>identify the day that would be most likely to see us being able provide 
> >>*some* time during the 24 hours in *some* months.
> >
> >
> >Unless you get excited and stay up all night.
> >I remember that Antonio and i did that on one
> >Cocoon First Friday.
> :-))
> >Each meeting could either just concentrate on getting Jira
> >under control or have a special topic like a group effort
> >to move the core to use xhtml2.
> OOOhhh that's a hard one. Getting Jira under control is more important. 
> But doing XHTML2 is more fun!

They are both equally important. A lot can be done
by a rotating team, though we are a bit thin in
the antipodes.


> >Also it is a place for us to get to know each
> >other a little.
> +10000
> See you all Sept. 6th
> Ross

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