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From David Crossley <>
Subject [PMC] change the procedure for new committers
Date Wed, 17 Aug 2005 07:10:23 GMT
At the moment we do everything on the PMC private list
and only announce the new PMC member at the very end.
We do this ...

1) Vote and frank discussion in private.

2) If successful, then invite them.
after they accept, then do:

3) Advise them about next steps, ask for Contributor
License Agreement (CLA), usernames, etc..

4) Wait until PMC chair sees that receipt of CLA is recorded.

5) Ask root to create the account. Then wait.
ASF is a volunteer organisation, root is busy.

6) After the account is created, tell the new committer
which SVN repositories they have access to and what the
next steps are.

7) After the account is created, chair send email to board@
asking for acknowledgement of new PMC member. We need to
know their username, so we need to wait for item 5.

8) A board member will acknowledge the email receipt.
Wait for 72 hours to allow any board member to reply.
It is a procedural requirement.

8) Ask them to subscribe to the private pmc@ list.

10) Announce them to the dev list.

11) Add them to the forrest-developers group in Jira.


Now all that waiting causes problems, e.g. Cyriaque's case
had successful vote, but we cannot yet announce it to the
dev list.

Ooops, someone just let the cat out of the bag :-)

It would be better if we could announce them to dev@ list
at step 3 and just say that there are more procedural steps
which will take some time.

However there are two potential problems there:

What if the new person refused to submit the CLA?
I cannot see why - it doesn't take away any of
their rights.

What if the board denied them being a PMC member?
I cannot see why they would, but that procedural step
still needs to happen.

In those cases we would need to retract our statements
to the dev list. I am happy to live with the consequences
of that, so i propose to change our procedural docs to
do the dev announcement after step 3. If anyone has
issues then speak up, otherwise i will just do it.


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