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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: zone for testing forrest
Date Wed, 17 Aug 2005 06:57:15 GMT
Just a reminder that our zone is working.

The Forrest demos there are still very minimal.
Anyway, there is at least something useful now working.
The home page now describes what is available so far:

Basically it is updating the trunk every hour
and reporting any build problems. Then it builds
the "forrest seed site" with forrestbot.

If any Forrest committers want a UNIX account, then just ask.

See more info about the zone, and what we hope to
do with it, earlier in this thread.

More about the mail-from-zones situation below ...

On Thu, Jun 30, 2005 David Crossley wrote:
> I have done the next step in setting up some services on our zone.
> There is now a forrestbot running there to build the current "seed site".
> Just the cron side of forrestbot for the moment. The forrestbot web interface
> is the next thing to set up.
> There are cron jobs to automatically refresh the trunk every hour:
> 'svn update; cd main; build clean; build'
> and then generate the seed site. That works nicely.
> The result is at ... point your browser
> at the /ft/build/ directory (shorthand for forrestbot-trunk).
> I still need to figure out how to send mail if something fails.
> Thorsten/Antonio: have the Lenya/Cocoon people been able to
> send mail from their zone.

Mads from Infra@ helped to sort that out just before
ApacheCon EU 2005. So now we can send mail from the
zone when one of our tests fail.


> If other comitters want to look behind-the-scenes:
> ssh
> cd /export/home/config
> cat README.txt
> More later ...
> -David

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