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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: status report for Forrest, August 2005
Date Mon, 15 Aug 2005 23:26:46 GMT
I became busy and didn't find time to ask if there was
further input for this board report. If i missed anything,
then i will add it to the next quarterly report.

The surprise for our dev community is that we added
Cyriaque as a new PMC member. However, we have been held up
with procedural issues, so have not been able to announce that.
Hopefully it will be sorted by the time he returns from holidays.

So here is what i sent to board.

David Crossley wrote:
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> Issues needing board attention
> ------------------------------
> None
> New committers and new PMC members
> ----------------------------------
> Diwaker Gupta <diwaker>  [2005-07-19]
> Tim Williams <twilliams> [2005-07-20]
> Cyriaque Dupoirieux (received CLA, account still not established)
> General community status
> ------------------------
> * ApacheCon was a great success. Our first presentation about Forrest.
> Two of our committers combined well to present an overview. There was
> plenty of interest at the BoF.
> * The mailing lists seem to be gaining momentum. Capable new developers
> are assisting and contributing.
> * Ongoing discussion of what it means to be a committer at Forrest
> and the ASF in general. Good to see people involved who are not yet
> committers.
> Issues still to be dealt with by the Forrest PMC
> ------------------------------------------------
> * Continue our project guidelines document.
> Progress of the project
> -----------------------
> * Apache Forrest 0.7 was released on 2005-06-23. An architecture for
> Plugins which enables a smaller Forrest core and the ability to add
> new features in a modular way.
> * Moved our Jira Issues over from
> Thanks to Outerthought and Steven Noels for providing the service.
> Thanks to Jeff Turner for the flawless export/import.
> * is established and starting to demonstrate
> some of our wares.
> * We have one Google Summer of Code person working with us to assist
> with enabling Forrest to be used with Eclipse.
> General observations during last quarter
> ----------------------------------------
> * The delay with creating new committer accounts is causing anguish.
> Are there ways that the PMC can assist?

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