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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: [jira] Updated: (FOR-617) Forrest DOAP file
Date Thu, 11 Aug 2005 08:40:29 GMT
Diwaker Gupta wrote:
> David Crossley wrote:
> > It would be better to have it in our SVN.
> > In that way, if you are absent at the time that we do
> > the next release, then we will still be able to update it.
> > No rush with that part of course, but that would be preferable.
> I can put it in SVN, thats not a problem. But it still needs to be published 
> *somewhere* -- that was my main concern. Is there a way to host it under 
> somehow?

Aha, i see that you have been misunderstanding
something fundamental. It needs to be published
via our normal document publishing, just like
any other document.

We have other files there too, e.g. mirrors.cgi
and .htaccess file, and raw files linked from some
pages, e.g. there are some pre-prepared dtdx/*.pdf
There are various ways of delivering raw files. See FAQ.
Just linking to daof.xml seems to work.

Maybe you do understand the mechanism for
publishing our website, but i will describe
it anyway. One day i will put it into a howto.

The source files go in our site-author
and then after one of us generates the site then
we would 'svn commit' to the separate "site" repository,
which gets automatically 'svn up' on the server to
form our website.

So we have these two repositories (and more): ... forrest-trunk ... forrest-site

To publish the website manually, do the following.
It is good to get a feel for how it all happens,
then use the forrestbot most times after that.

svn update forrest-trunk
svn update forrest-site
cd forrest-trunk/site-author
svn add content/whatever (adding entries to site.xml etc.)
forrest site
diff -rq build/site ../../forrest-site | grep -v "\.svn"
... Ensure that the differences are what you expect.
cp -Rf build/site ../../forrest-site
... Now do the usual stuff in your forrest-site working copy:
'svn update' 'svn status' 'svn add' 'svn diff' 'svn commit'

Or use the forrestbot as described in
which you already did sucessfully recently.

If the doaf.xml file was not going to be linked anywhere
then could take a shortcut and not do 'forrest site'.
Can keep the two files synchronised manually.
The same as what happens with the .htaccess file.
The source is at forrest-trunk/site-author/content/.htaccess
and the "generated" file is at forrest-site/.htaccess


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