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From Diwaker Gupta <>
Subject Reducing Forrest build time
Date Tue, 09 Aug 2005 07:04:54 GMT
As Forrest grows and becomes more complex, we really have to watch out for the 
build times, and think of ways to reduce the build time. I was doing a build 
today of site-author, and it took ** 35 minutes **

Now I might not be running the most powerful machine out there, but its decent 
-- 1.7GHz centrino, 512 RAM. Seeing the build process eat up ~100% of the CPU 
for a half hour straight was not a pretty sight.

What do other devs feel about this? Is this something we should be seriously 
looking at? Atleast I feel we should be. What are the best ways of 
approaching it? (avoiding building unchanged document is the obvious first 
step I guess)

Also, the site-author build currently generates 783 pages. Do we really need 
all those pages? (I'm just thinking aloud here, so feel free to disagree). I 
understand that we need to demonstrate Forrest's power so its good to have 
different output formats available, but can't we just have a "demo" area 
showing different output formats for different input formats (like we have in 
the fresh-site). Do we really need to carry around all of the other PDFs 
(other than the fact that Google might have indexed them) -- perhaps an 
analysis of the server logs will help us make those decisions.

Just testing waters here :)

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