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From Ferdinand Soethe <>
Subject Re: Using Jira and branches for Project Management
Date Mon, 15 Aug 2005 17:48:48 GMT

Ross Gardler wrote:

> We need to be wary of that as individual devs needs change.

Perhaps we as a group should be just as wary of leaving certain issues
up to individual devs needs.

I thinks Forrest as a project would benefit a lot if we could have a
roadmap and agree on certain core issues that _will_ be in the next
release. Once that is agreed, solving these issues would be everybody's
job just as making the release is.

And if indeed nobody has the time, perhaps we need to postpone the

> Jira as powerful linking between issues. There is nothing to stop us
> creating a High level issue that links to the lower level implementation
> issues. We can then export all "high level" issue descriptions to create
> the "roadmap" document you describe. Jira will then help us create links
> between all the dependant buds, issues, tasks etc.

Sounds interesting ...

> Having an external "roadmap" document requires people to keep that up to
> date as well - unlikely ;-) It will be hard enough to get people to 
> assign issues to themselves.

Unfortunately true.

> Again, why not use Jira for this recording? Discussions still happen on
> list, but conclusions are put in jira where issues can be linked, cross
> referenced and assignments can be tracked.

>> 4) It would answer a question I've been having lately -- how do we
>> know when 0.8, 0.9, etc. is "done" and ready for release?  Having a
>> feature list would allow us to check off sets of features, thus
>> knowing that we're ready for release when all of the issues associated
>> with the features are resolved.  (i suppose there's an implicit or
>> explicity mapping between features and jira issues)

> I would think it is the way we are using Jira that is the problem, not
> Jira itself.

You might be right. Time for me to do more work in Jira. Another great
topic for ApacheCon (how to use Jira for your project)

> Do my comments above go any way of convincing people of this or am I
> "barking up the wrong tree" (is that an UK or a universal saying? it's
> about dogs chasing cats so I suppose it could be universal)

No, I think the tree is right. Although we have a different proverb
for that (which I don't remember).

Ferdinand Soethe

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